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Hi, I'm Samantha.

I am a freelance writer based out of Marquette, Michigan with over ten years of writing and digital marketing experience.


My writing experience spans across tech, manufacturing, SaaS and other technical-focused topics but my true strength lies in my ability to adapt these writing skills to fit a businesses' needs over time.


And if my degree in anthropology has taught me anything, it's how to research your subject matter to the fullest extent before starting the writing process.

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Long-Form Content
Think articles, white papers, and blog posts.
Each piece of content is unique and specific to fit seamlessly within your brand's plans.
Website Copywriting
Your website is often the first point of contact a potential customer will have with your brand. Are you happy with its first impression?
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Have something to say but no time to say it? Work with a professional writer to capture your tone and voice.
Open Laptop
Case Studies
Let your business' success speak for itself in a case study that clearly outlines exactly what your company can do.
Editing Services
Need a second set of eyes? No matter what stage your content is in, we will work together to ensure it's successful in its launch.


Elizabeth Strickert
Director of Communications & Content

"I love working with Samantha! She is a fantastic writer and has helped us with both big and small content projects. Samantha is also a breeze to work with and she always meets deadlines and is prompt to respond to questions and edits. I work with a lot of freelance writers and can confidently say that Samantha is one of the best!"

"Sam is always responsive and delivers projects before the deadline. She puts in the work to understand each client's tone of voice and preferences when writing. We love working with her on projects ranging from blogs to social media posts. Sam is a great asset to our team!"

Simply put, Samantha is a cut above most writers -- professional, reliable, and truly talented.

             What clients had to say:

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I'm excited to speak with you soon! Stay tuned.

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