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Hi, I'm Samantha.

I may not look like it at first glance, but I am crazy about any and all things technical and educational. 

People tend to see the tattoos and my wide, toothy grin and immediately write me off as someone who probably has no idea what ISO 60601 entails or why hygienic features on bulk bagging and conveyor systems are essential. That's where they're wrong.

When I first started out, I obviously had little to no idea about any of these things or why they would matter to the rest of the world. But when I entered the world of global manufacturing for the first time and started writing about electric linear actuators (you know, those mechanical pieces that make your sit stand desk go up and down?) I suddenly felt like I'd finally found my niche.


My degree in anthropology wasn't just handy because I got to travel around in college - I actually learned how essential the research process is, particularly when it comes to crafting content. 

So that's what I do now: I spend 40+ hours every single week researching new concepts before writing articles, white papers, or website copy that tells a story containing those technical concepts in an easy-to-digest way. 

I know how to intuitively answer the questions your reader might be asking (because I was asking myself those questions

when I was writing this massive white paper!) and keep them engaged from the first word to the last.

I also pride myself on a few other skills outside of my writing capabilities: namely punctuality, reliability, and integrity. 


When I'm not clacking away at my keyboard, I am usually exploring my new home of Marquette, Michigan, with my two dogs, son, and a husband in tow. We moved away from Charlotte, North Carolina in April of 2021 after six years, but I was born and raised in New Jersey (and I do drive like it, unfortunately).


Pre-pandemic, I loved to travel: so far, I've visited nine countries outside of the US, of which a tiny town named Ongole in southern India, was my favorite.


Coffee and red wine fuel my entrepreneurial journey in equal measures. Predictably, I love to read in my spare time (I'm a huge fan of Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte) and enjoy sitting in the sunshine on the shores of Lake Superior from May through September.

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